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We've Moved - Our New Internet Home!

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We've moved from sammon.uk, to here - jakesammon.com.

We've swapped out so much; from WordPress to hosting, SSL to email, we've switched it all. We're keeping the sammon.uk domain, it'll just redirect to this page for around 3 months.

For your information only...

Email addresses have also changed; jake@sammon.uk, and info@sammon.uk are still open for now, but will soon just have mail forwarded to new @jakesammon.com email accounts.

Phone numbers haven't changed; our phone number hasn't changed.

I still own sammon.uk, and have no plans to sell it; the domain sammon.uk will likely become a forwarder and I'll make a choice of weather to renew it in 2021, when it expires.

For any further questions or feedback, do send me an email using the new contact form.